Digital Cinematography + Lighting Cameraman

From the halls and boardrooms of power in Australia, the jungles of Central America, the streets of Hanoi and 200 nautical miles to sea, it’s accurate to say Paul Simpson has experienced shooting in some weird, challenging and wonderful places.

As a network television professional since 1983, he has strived to produce the highest quality images and sound that tell each story. Be it corporate or television production, broadcast news and current affairs, outside broadcasts, conference event capture and social media video content.

Created in 2003 after twenty years of network television experience, Beyond The Box Pictures has been servicing client’s needs in Canberra, Australia wide and beyond.

“I love the challenge of story telling, the more out there the better I like it, meeting new people and discovering how amazing (and sometimes strange) the world is. Whether it’s an aid worker in the back blocks of Cambodia, a cattle producer in Roma QLD, or a Government Minister in Canberra, they all have something to say and it’s my job to shoot them in a way that gives light, conveys the mood and above all informs about their individual story,” says Paul

What do we do

With a broad range of experience, Beyond The Box Pictures crafts each story we cover with total commitment. It doesn’t matter if it’s an International documentary, a profile feature story for television or a corporate presentation at a conference, our aim remains the same. “Let’s make it look and sound as good as it can. It’s important to you, so it’s important to us”.

Beyond The Box Pictures also has the ability to cover an event with multiple cameras using an audio and vision mixer system. Cutting up to five cameras live to be fed into a big screen, satellite uplink or to a live stream device. We cover conferences, music festivals and live events for tv broadcast. Our aim is to make the broadcast the highest quality possible, dynamic, interesting and in the words of many of our clients “ just like being there”. The team are all highly experienced,  working together for decades and we love going live.

To round out the services we can provide, we also do editing and post production, so we can look after your project from start to finish. Using industry standard editing software and over 30 years of skills, we create video content for businesses to promote themselves or a product, video news releases, online training video modules, to organisations wishing to create content to post a seminar or conference presentation to their intranet or the wider web world.


Beyond the Box Pictures has the confidence of Australian Networks and regularly shoots for many high profile programs such as;

  • Nine Networks Sixty Minutes
  • Today Show
  • The Footy Show
  • Seven Networks Sunrise
  • Sports features
  • Ten Network’s, The Project
  • ABC’s Insiders
  • Catalyst Science Program
  • Australian Story, Hard Chat
  • Sports features
  • Election special feature packages
  • Outside broadcasts
  • Sky News
  • Paul Murray Live on Location
  • FOX Sports News Features
  • Fox NRL 360 program

We are also a regular Outside Broadcast Cameraman for FOX Sports live outside broadcast events for;

  • NRL
  • Super Rugby
  • A League Football
  • Netball and may many more

On occasion we have shot for international broadcasters

  • BBC
  • RTE
  • ESPN
  • TV3 New Zealand
  • TVNZ, and AFP.

In 2010 Paul received a Silver Award from the NSW/ACT Australian Cinematographer Society for a documentary on Unexploded Ordinances in Laos.

what we use

We could talk endlessly about the equipment we use and bore you with tech babble, but the only thing you need to know is that we ONLY use the current highest quality of television industry equipment. From 4K and HD broadcast cameras, industry grade tripods, professional radio microphones, and an arsenal of lighting that can creatively light from an intimate interview to an entire auditorium. We also have multi camera live vision and audio mixing ability, bringing in a crew of super experienced industry professionals to make your event pop on the big screen or live stream.